Name : Andy Ruddock
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About me : As with so many Mini owners I remember the Mini my father owned when I was a child. In my case it was an almond green Mini van with a rear seat conversion. The car was lost in a motor accident when we were t-boned at a crossroads by a woman driving through a red light.
It was replaced with a Simca 1000, followed (in 1977) by a Chrysler Avenger.
Mini ownership came late, after owning a couple of BMW Minis, but now totally hooked on the classics. I’m in the process of restoring Holly, an RSP Cooper, and using Noodle, a Mini 95 van with a 1275cc engine replacing the original 998cc lump, as my daily runner.
I’m now responsible, together with my alter-ego the Administrator, for the smooth running of the Renegade Minis website.

Holly leading the Mini Cooper Register contingent in the 2004 London Lord Mayor’s Parade.

Albums of my cars, past and present.

Noodle – 1979 95 van, originally with 998cc engine, now with 1275cc, everyday runner.

Holly – 1990 RSP Cooper, currently undergoing a rebuild.

Norman – (Actually Fiona’s car), 1995 Sidewalk

BMW 1 – The BMW Cooper I owned whilst living in Norway

BMW 2 – The BMW Cooper I bought on my return to the UK, stolen in December 2010 and recovered, sold back to BMW