Oct 052012

Yet again the weather became the main topic of conversation for a motoring event. For those camping at Easter Compton the weekend started wonderfully hot and sunny on Friday evening.

There had been plans for Renegade Minis to attend the “Mini In The Bay” event in Cardiff, now in it’s third year, but they were scotched by ill health for some (hope the back’s better now, Sandra) and an attack of apathy by others (me) – to be honest the appeal of a bacon butty crushed the need to prepare the car for a cruise.

The sun shone over a selection of vehicles descending on Washingpool Farm. Both sides of the Atlantic were well represented, with a fair showing of classics from America, Britain and the rest of Europe – although the Japanese market representation was noticeable by it’s absence, I saw a single Nissan Figaro where there were, possibly, a dozen at last year’s outing. The American military fraternity were there in numbers, and there were plenty of Mustangs, Cameros and other muscle cars. On the British front there were plenty of Austin A30s & A35s. Also attending were cars not considered to be classic in any way until very recently – an ‘E’ plate BMW 3 series springs to mind.

I spoke to the owner of a convertible Ford Fiesta who had initially thought that about 250 vehicles of that marque had been produced, whereas upon some detective work he had discovered that the true number was 7.

Saturday night began to cloud over as folks headed for their tents, and the rain began to fall in the early hours of Sunday morning.

As with last year, attendance on Sunday was much better than on Sunday. The weather kept threatening to rain but never followed through. At times it was quite warm and pleasant, although at others blustery. I packed the tent away first thing in the morning, just before a short squall, and felt very pleased with myself.

A nice lay day, looking at a very eclectic set of vehicles representing the best (mostly) of the last sixty years of motoring in the UK and the US.
Some interesting characters made the sport of “people watching” one worth having a go at (see gallery!).

An early finish, due to impending rain, slightly marred the day – but, all-in-all another good day serving only to enhance this young event’s reputation.