Technical Documents


A library of some useful documents picked up from around the web. I haven’t checked any of the contents, so use at your own risk, but might come in handy.

Mini_Workshop_Manual.pdf Mini Workshop Manual.
Electrical_Library.pdf Electrical Library.
Electrical_Circuit_Diagrams.pdf Electrical Circuit Diagrams.
1275GT_Wiring.pdf Wiring Diagram for a MK4 1275GT.
RoverMEMS.pdf A copy of the Haynes manual dedicated to the Rover fuel injection systems. Both SPI and MPI.
Camshafts.xls An Excel spreadsheet with specs on just about every mini cam ever made.
DiffRatios.doc Information about the various diff ratios used in Minis.
MiniEcuProblems.doc A document to help analyze faults on mini fuel injection systems.
TyreRPM-MPHChart.doc This chart gives road speed compared against engine revs / tyre size / Diff ratio.
lucastuning.pdf A document about tuning the Lucas distributor.
torque_wrench_settings.pdf Torque wrench settings, taken from the Haynes Mini (1986-2000) Restoration Manual.
In_Car_Entertainment_Handbook.pdf In-Car Entertainment (ICE) Handbook
Maintenance_Check_Sheet.pdf Handy maintenance check sheet.
Paint_Finishing_Times.pdf Paint finishing times
Tuning_SU_Carbs.pdf Tuning SU Carbs.