Oct 152012

To give it it’s full title “The West Midlands Mini Show and Oval Experience, 2012” (phew, what a mouthful) was a cracking day out.
Starting on a cold day at 7:45am at Michael Wood Services on the M5, we met up. The fog on the motorway was patchy, quite thick at times, but our four car convoy made good time to Grimley, just outside Worcester, where a field and a small oval race track awaited us.
With only a handful of cars, and about the same number of traders, it looked as though we may have made a wasted journey. Sandra settled down to the task of preparing Milly for the show ‘n’ shine competition, whilst the rest of us unpacked the gazebo and tea & coffee making facilities.
Ash and Amanda turned up after just a few minutes, they having overnighted locally. With Hector, Brian, Norman and Piglet we actually had a club stand – a small one, but a stand nevertheless.
The sun came out, burned away what remained of the mist, and we began to warm up as more Minis arrived. So began a pleasant, relaxing day, taking a look at the autojumble (not more than 2 stalls) and the traders (notably Mini Mine).
Although the turnout was small the quality of the vehicles on the show ‘n’ shine was high, with success not guaranteed for anyone.
After lunch there was some activity on the oval, although I suspect not as much as the organisers had hoped for. This activity consisted of a competition to see who could drive furthest with a ball in an upturned dustbin lid on the bonnet and fast oval driving, prizes to be awarded to the best drivers (not necessarily the fastest). We were treated to the sight of one competitor enthusiastically stuffing his nicely turned out ’67 Mini into the barrier, after having completed his fast laps and deciding to show off on the slow lap.
Finally, the judging, and Milly won “best in class”, then was awarded “best in show”, to our delight. As you can see in the photograph, Colin & Sandra took the opportunity to have their pictures taken with one of the finest Minis on the club scene.
Time for home, with the gazebo stowed we hit the M5. Although busy we made good time home – although piglet was lost on the way, having to exit from the rear of the pack at the penultimate junction before reaching home. Diagnostics showed some severely pitted points, and after judicious filing the pink beastie limped home.